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Songwriters with a melody they want to turn into a full song find a willing and able partner in Black Pepper Music, as do our more corporate clients in need of music for a corporate video project, or a jingle, or music for a television project. We also work, through The Composer's Desk, with concert music ensembles. We offer scoring and arranging services, transposition and realization of scores and other services especially tailored to the music hall.


Who Needs Black Pepper Music?

✓ A songwriter with a melody and no music
✓ A songwriter with lyrics, and no melody or music
✓ A songwriter with music and a general idea
✓ An institution or corporation with a media project in need of a musical score
✓ A commercial enterprise in need of a jingle or commercial music
✓ A choral, chamber or orchestral ensemble in need of special arrangements
✓ A singer in need of transpositions or arrangements for different instrumental combinations

If you see yourself in the above list, you need Black Pepper Music.


Black Pepper Music has a staff with years of experience, with a particular emphasis in custom music production. Our Songwriters' Studio, Scoring Studio and The Composer's Desk provide specialized music services to fit a diverse and varied array of needs. Each score comes with that unique "zing" that makes it a Black Pepper Music project: In the same way black pepper is an essential spice in Bahamian cuisine, we at Black Pepper Music believe that passion and professionalism can combine to deliver music with flavor and spice that can raise a project from good to perfection.

"MAN! I was WASHED away!...I sat down stairs and the music just washed over me. Ah what a blessing!"

The Composer's Desk:


This special area of Black Pepper Music provides services to singers and composers. We have a team of writers with the specialized knowledge of scoring and arranging orchestral instruments, with a thorough and complete knowledge of ranges, techniques and style.


Adrian Archer, Director, The Highgrove Singers​ [Choral Score by Black Pepper Music]


And the singers...performed stunning arrangements by Bahamian composer K Quincy Parker (who I knew in his alternate life as a journalist)...

Larry Smith

The Tribune Newspaper



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